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A Fresh Pineapple is an item used in Cooking and particularly favored in traditional Gnome cooking. It can be used as an ingredient to make drinks such as the fruit blast and pineapple punch. They can be obtained from pineapple trees, which can be found in Karamja and Gu'tanoth, as well as from shops in the Grand Tree.

Players can also use a knife on a pineapple to turn it into four pineapple rings which heal 2 Hits each. It can also be cut into pineapple chunks, and the entire pineapple becomes one set of chunks, which heals 2 Hits. Either of these may be consumed on their own or used in making pineapple pizza.

Unlike the regular Pineapple, the Fresh Pineapple may be eaten whole without cutting it which will restore 2 Hits.

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