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Frozen Waste Plateau map
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Unknown Frozen Waste Plateau Wilderness runite mine
Evil Altar

The Frozen Wastes Plateau (aka. Ice Plateau) is a small, snow-covered area located on the western edge of level 40+ Wilderness.

Geography and layout

Frozen Waste Plateau

The Member's Gate divides the icy hill.

It is inhabited by aggressive ice giants, ice warriors and ice spiders. There is a Member's Gate separating the plateau in half. The north was accessible only to members. Two leafless trees and one treestump are situated on the southern side of the plateau. An incline from the south populated by ice warriors slowly gives way to a flat top plateau.


Item spawns

There are two item spawns south of the gate:

Image Item Number of spawns Number in stack
Cosmic-Rune Cosmic rune 1 3
Water-Rune Water rune 1 5

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