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The Gauntlets of cooking are one of three possible rewards from the Family Crest quest. They are obtained by taking the steel gauntlets to the chef (Caleb), who is found near the range in Catherby. Wearing them while Cooking will reduce the chance of burning fish. The effect is approximately equal to a Cooking level boost of 9.

Once a player has decided that they want Gauntlets of cooking, they may not be changed to any other type. In RuneScape 2, the player may change the enchantment on their gauntlets as often as they please


Gauntlet of cooking are equal in stats when compared to steel gauntlets such as the gauntlets of chaos, gauntlets of goldsmithing, and Klank's gauntlets. They are part of the maximum offensive combat gear in the game.


  • You always have these gauntlets in your inventory after death. So, multiple can be claimed by dropping them, dying, and returning to pick up the ones from your death pile or the ones you dropped. The easiest way to do this is to drop them all then have someone duel you in Lumbridge.