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Gem Rocks
Gem rock

Ore Various gems
Mining level 40
Experience received 50
Fatigue received 1.067%
Respawn rate 2 minutes
Examine A rocky outcrop with a vein of semi precious stones

Gem rocks are a type of scenery which can be mined for a random uncut gem. They are found only in northwest Shilo Village. Each gem mined yields 50 Mining experience. Mining these rocks requires level 40 Mining and completion of the Shilo Village quest. Gem rocks have a respawn time of around 2 minutes.


Image Gem Chance* Chance (amulet)**
Uncut Opal Uncut opal ~46.86%
Uncut Jade Uncut jade ~23.26%
Uncut Red Topaz Uncut red topaz ~11.76%
Uncut sapphire Uncut sapphire ~7.14%
Uncut emerald Uncut emerald ~3.94%
Uncut ruby Uncut ruby ~3.89%
Uncut diamond Uncut diamond ~3.15%

* No available sampling
** Based on a sampling of 145,701 gems

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