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A General Store is a shop often found in major cities, as well as smaller settlements, throughout RuneScape Classic. General Stores are often ran by a Shopkeeper and their assistants. They sell basic supplies, and will buy any tradeable item from players for a low price. The lowest price is 25% of the item's Low level alchemy value.


General Store.png

Image Name Stock Price
Pot.png Pot 3 1gp
Jug.png Jug 2 1gp
Shears.png Shears 2 1gp
Bucket.png Bucket 2 2gp
Tinderbox.png Tinderbox 2 1gp
Chisel.png Chisel 2 1gp
Hammer.png Hammer 5 1gp
Sleeping Bag.png Sleeping Bag 10 39gp



  • The Al Kharid general store has a special quality wherein silk cannot be sold to it. This is due to the presence of the silk trader in the town.
  • The Ogre trader General Store, unlike other General Stores, will not allow players to sell items that are not being sold.

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