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Gerrant's Fishy Business
Gerrant's Fishy Business.png

Released 11 June 2001 (Update)
Location West Port Sarim
Owner Gerrant
Type of shop Fishing
Members-only? No
Quests needed? None
Skills needed? None
Gerrant's Fishy Business (map).png

Gerrant's Fishy Business is a shop located in west Port Sarim. It sells Fishing equipment, including feathers, which also have a number of uses in Fletching. It also has empty stock of all free-to-play raw fish, which made it a good place to sell raw fish for money early in the game's history. It is the only free-to-play Fishing store and is operated by Gerrant.

During the Hero's Quest, the player seeks out Gerrant for advice on catching a lava eel.


Buying and selling items Close window
Shop stock in green Number you own in blue Your money: 0gp
5 0Net.png 5 0Fishing Rod.png 5 0Fly Fishing Rod.png 2 0Harpoon.png 2 0Lobster Pot.png 200 0Fishing Bait.png 200 0Feather.png 0 0Raw Shrimp.png
0 0Raw Sardine.png 0 0Raw Herring.png 0 0Raw Anchovies.png 0 0Raw Trout.png 0 0Raw Pike.png 0 0Raw Salmon.png 0 0Raw Tuna.png 0 0Raw Lobster.png
0 0Raw Swordfish.png
Select an object to buy or sell
Image Item Stock Buy price Sell price
Net.png Net 5 5 gp 3 gp
Fishing Rod.png Fishing Rod 5 5 gp 3 gp
Fly Fishing Rod.png Fly Fishing Rod 5 5 gp 3 gp
Harpoon.png Harpoon 2 5 gp 3 gp
Lobster Pot.png Lobster Pot 2 20 gp 14 gp
Fishing Bait.png Fishing Bait 200 3 gp 2 gp
Feather.png Feather 200 2 gp 1 gp
Raw Shrimp.png Raw Shrimp 0 3 gp
Raw Sardine.png Raw Sardine 0 7 gp
Raw Herring.png Raw Herring 0 10 gp
Raw Anchovies.png Raw Anchovies 0 10 gp
Raw Trout.png Raw Trout 0 14 gp
Raw Pike.png Raw Pike 0 17 gp
Raw Salmon.png Raw Salmon 0 35 gp
Raw Tuna.png Raw Tuna 0 70 gp
Raw Lobster.png Raw Lobster 0 105 gp
Raw Swordfish.png Raw Swordfish 0 140 gp

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