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A Glassblowing pipe is a tool used in the Crafting skill to shape molten glass into beer glasses, vials and orbs.


Glassblowing pipes spawn on tables in the following locations:

Required to craft

Image Name Level Experience
Beer glass.png Beer glass 3 17.5
Vial.png Vial 33 35
Unpowered orb.png Orb 46 52.5

Steps for making glass

Making glass is a long process and can be done entirely on Entrana, provided you have the correct items.

  1. Buy a bucket from almost any general store.
  2. Go to Entrana, Yanille, or Zanaris and use the bucket on a sand pit to get a bucket of sand.
  3. On the other side of Entrana, pick up some seaweed or alternatively fish it with Big Net.
  4. Use the seaweed on a range giving soda ash.
  5. Use the bucket of sand on a furnace while the sodium carbonate is in your inventory to receive molten glass.
  6. Use a glassblowing pipe on the molten glass and choose the item you wish to make.

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