A glitch is a flaw/unintended effect within a game. RuneScape Classic has seen many glitches; here is a page where they are documented.

Fixed Glitches

Knife Glitch

Main article: Knife Glitch

Great Party Hat "Dupe"

Main article: Great Party Hat Dupe

Packet Construction Glitches

With the use of packet construction through AutoRune, not only were items created, but people could also:

Fatigue Glitch

A flaw during server maintenance caused all Beds and Sleeping Bags to not work in all non=veteran servers. It was fixed shortly before the second reopening.


Infinite Zombie Spawn

Normally, a Necromancer would only spawn 7 zombies. But if a player kills the second Necromancer without killing the spawns, then the first Necromancer will be able to summon 7 more until the player stops doing so.

Crash Bug

A flaw in which if an entity is examined after it is removed, the game crashes. This is caused by the rewrite of the action system in 2009-2011, and can make PKing much more risky.

She-Male Bug

There are several versions of this bug. The first was to equip a Rune Plate Mail Body as a bearded man, then change the item into a Rune Plate Mail top. The second was through the use of Auto-Rune.

Death Bug

The death bug is a humorous, but sadly useless glitch in which a player dies from poison while interacting with an NPC/Object. If timed correctly, the player would die and the options to continue an interaction/conversation would persist. Known effects include:

  • Forced teleportation
  • Bank in wrong location
  • Complete Quests in wrong locations
  • Store interface at wrong location
  • Clone certain NPC's

Gnome Ball Smuggle

An oversight in which Gnome Balls could be taken out of the minigame. Methods include:

Minor glitches

Fatigue training

Because of an oversight in the way the fatigue system works, it is possible to gain experience in melee skills without gaining hits experience through fatigue training.

Removing objects with Charge

Charge Glitch

West Falador bank doors disappeared from Charge spell

By casting the charge spell while standing on the root position of a piece of scenery (its cyan dot on the mini-map), it is possible to remove the object. This can be done with signs, ferns, doors which take up more than one tile, and probably some other objects. This can be fixed by logging out and in.

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