A glitch is a flaw/unintended effect within a game. RuneScape Classic has seen many glitches; here is a page where they are documented.

Fixed glitches

Abnormally high XP from Mourners

Main article: Mourner

Equipped knife bug

Main article: Knife bug

Fast magic spell casting

It was possible to cast spells very quickly before a timer was introduced.

Fatigue glitch

A flaw during server maintenance caused all beds and sleeping bags to not work in all non-veteran servers. It was fixed shortly before the second reopening.

Great Party Hat "Dupe"

Main article: Great Party Hat Dupe

Guthix Claw glitch

When a player was killed in the wilderness by the Claws of Guthix spell. The spell animation would continue to play on the spot the player died. Which resulted in an impassable object, either trapping players in places such as the Mage Arena or making it impossible to enter deeper wilderness that was behind a gate or web.[1]

Low level players able to attack high level players in Wilderness

An update on the day the wilderness was released fixed a problem where low level players were able to attack high level players (presumably with ranged or magic) without them being able to fight back.

Max items locking out accounts

Players who gained over the maximum 32-bit integer limit (2,147,483,647) of any item would be disconnected from the game and unable to login. Anyone who deposited over said limit into the bank found themselves unable to open their banks as they would immediately disconnect. It was finally patched on 16 February 2015. Any coins deposited over the limit now simply vanishes.

Mod crowns in chat

Players were able to make moderator crowns appear in public chat after they were added before a reopening. After some time, this was fixed.

null players

When there were a large number of players on screen, there were a number of strange effects. One was that chat messages would disappear, and right clicking would often reveal a "player" named null (lower-case, Null was a real player) with a combat level of -1.

Packet construction glitches

With the use of packet construction through AutoRune, a cheating client active at the time, not only were items created and duplicated, but people could also:

Strange player names

Players have been spotted with no name.[3]

Super strength beer cheat

For the first month of Classic it was possible to raise the player's strength to abnormally high levels using beer. See the update 'Super strength Beer cheat' fixed. It is still possible to lower levels abnormally low using various types of alcohol, see wining.


Bearded lady bug

  • There are several versions of this bug. The first was to equip a Rune Plate Mail Body as a bearded man, then change the item into a Rune Plate Mail top. The second was through the use of Auto-Rune, a modified client, or a generic packet editor. This is notable for being known by Jagex for a very long time but never fixed, perhaps putting it into a grey area of acceptance as part of the game.[2]

"Black hole" bug

Not to be confused with the original Black Hole.

In certain areas of the game it's possible to go up ladders from certain positions and the player will land outside of the upstairs walls, allowing them to walk around in the infinite blackness and look at other upstairs buildings. They will eventually reach an invisible wall. The only way to get out is to already have a teleport or to bring another account there and to give you runes to teleport or kill you in a duel.

Death bug

The death bug is a humorous, but useless glitch in which a player dies from poison while interacting with an NPC/Object. If timed correctly, the player would die and the options to continue an interaction/conversation would persist. Known effects include:

  • Forced teleportation
  • Bank in wrong location
  • Complete Quests in wrong locations
  • Store interface at wrong location
  • Clone certain NPC's

Fatigue training

  • Because of an oversight in the way the fatigue system works, it is possible to gain experience in melee skills without gaining hits experience through fatigue training.

Fishing Trawler

Main article: Fishing Trawler

Gnome ball smuggle

An oversight in which Gnome Balls could be taken out of the minigame. Methods include:

Infinite zombie spawn

  • Normally, a Necromancer would only spawn 7 zombies. But if a player kills the second Necromancer without killing the spawns, then the first Necromancer will be able to summon 7 more until the player stops doing so.

Menu crashing bug

  • A flaw in which if an entity is interacted with (examining, attacking, etc) after it is removed, the game crashes. This is caused by the rewrite of the action system in 2009-2011, and can make PKing much more risky as players go up and down ladders, teleport, and log out.

Minor glitches

  • Merlin stays trapped in the Giant crystal even after the Merlin's Crystal. However, there is no per-player instancing in RuneScape Classic, so this is simply a result of how the game works.
  • Sinclair Mansion roof stays hidden even when player is outside the mansion between hedges
    Tutorial island5.png
  • If players stand directly besides a longtable their character will visually clip through the table.
  • The game contains too many spelling errors to list.
  • Certain NPCs such as the Men and Guards near the Fight Arena and Sinclair Mansion can be pickpocketed despite lacking said option through packet construction or editing. When killed as a result of aggressiveness from failing to pickpocket them they drop only bones.
  • Experience is sometimes spontaneously rewarded to players when moving to certain areas. Usually combat.
  • False (and old) death message is displayed even though player has not died

    False death message displayed when player has not died

  • A trade screen appears out of nowhere and player is shown to be trading with null
  • The Crystal chest can get stuck open if used incorrectly, making it unusable for other players until a server reboot.
  • Non-player characters can respawn and have text above their heads that was said by other NPCs.
  • Actions involving heavy clicking sometimes mess up, causing the game to not respond along with the following:
    • Add random names to friends/ignore list
    • Turn prayers on/off
    • Disconnect
    • Move to random squares
    • Drop random items
    • Shows the makeover mage interface (won't actually allow you to edit character)

Monsters stealing dialogue

Shantay Pass Guard stealing dialogue from the Assistant

It occurs when you attack a monster and then flee to talk to a nearby NPC. If you are still in dialogue with the NPC when the monster initiates combat against you it will take over the dialogue of the NPC. NPC dialogue options are still available and the monster will speak to you as if they were the NPC.

Negative XP bug

Negative XP as a result of exceeding maximum allowed XP

The negative XP bug should not exist for legitimate player. Theoretically the maximum experience for a skill is 536,870,911. However, unlike Runescape 2 and the successors, in classic it is not capped. As a result should a player continue to gain experience after the maximum point, they will gain experience but from the overflowed (negative) number.

NPC duplicate glitch

  • A glitch occurs where multiple copies of an NPC are spawned. An example of this are some of the Knights of the Roung Table found in Camelot, Sir Mordred as Keep LeFaye as well as Kolodion at the Mage Arena safe spot. The bug exists on multiple worlds and it is unclear if it was caused by a player or by the system.
  • This is not to be confused with there being multiple quest NPCs such as King Narnode Shareen. As this is intentional, to allow more than one player to interact with him.

Removing objects with Charge

  • By casting the charge spell while standing on the root position of a piece of scenery (its cyan dot on the mini-map), it is possible to remove the object. This can be done with signs, ferns, doors which take up more than one tile, and probably some other objects. This can be fixed by logging out and logging back in to make the object appear again.

West Falador bank doors disappeared from Charge spell

Throwing darts

Two stacks of throwing darts

If you pick up Throwing darts while having some still equipped they will form another stack of darts.[4]

Unattackable players in the wilderness

  • When using a specially crafted 3rd-party client players can send duel requests in the wild. This allows players to fight other players not within their combat level in the wild.
  • When duelling in the wilderness a player can cast magic spells on players not in the duel. This was typically done using tank mages. Players could duel a friend on another account and cast god spells on other players in the wild leaving the player not in the duel helpless.

Water world glitch

  • Occasionally, logging into RuneScape will cause the game to load with all the ground tiles replaced with water tiles. This is rather rare, and seems to be especially prone to happening when connecting with a slow/unreliable internet connection. It is impossible to move around normally, as clicking on any water tile does not result in motion to that tile. Instead, the player may only move by interacting with non-ground objects, such as trees or NPCs. It is possible to train skills while this glitch is active, provided that the player can access the areas needed to train the skill. The glitch seems to last until the player logs out.

A screenshot of the Water World ground tile glitch occurring in the Varrock Castle.

Minor bugs mentioned in updates

On 10 May 2001, these bugs were fixed:

  • Fixed 'using ranged combat advances other skills too' bug
  • Fixed 'impossible to mine gems' bug
  • Fixed 'pottery menu wrong way around' bug
  • Fixed 'server sometimes sends wrong error message on login' bug
  • Fixed 'friends list gets blanked on lost connection' bug

On 12 June 2001, there was another bug fix update:

  • Fixed making cake takes flour pot away bug
  • Fixed catching tuna doesn't give XP bug
  • Fixed food shop doesn't work after completing pirate quest bug

An update on 23 June 2001 fixed the following bugs:

  • fixed it so you can still stack extra runes/arrows even when your inventory is full.
  • fixed a bug which could cause stack of 0 coins to be created
  • fixed a bug with arrows of different types not stacking on the ground properly
  • fixed it so that leaving the bank displays your balance properly
  • logging out now works properly when you log out at the exact moment of attack
  • fixed it so people no longer randomly get added to your friends list
  • fixed it so lumbridge and karamja shops don't share the same stock!

On 18 August 2001, an update fixed a problem with the system that decided which player gets loot from a monster.

Another round of bugs were fixed on 10 July 2002:

  • Bug where you could teleport from the high level wilderness dungeon is fixed.
  • Bug where iron arrows were usable on the free servers is fixed.
  • Bug where you could get a skull for retaliating to a ranged attack is fixed.
  • Bug where shadow spiders prevented potions from running out is fixed.
  • Bug where arrows did not stack correctly, if multiple players shot the same target is fixed.
  • Bug where recovery questions were occasionally reported as 'not set' is fixed.
  • Bug where attacking another player immediately after a retreat caused a glitch is fixed.
  • Bug where player occasionally ran in random direction after ranged kill is fixed.


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