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PK Skull.png While this minigame is not inherently dangerous, death is still possible.

Location of the Gnome Ball Field within the Tree Gnome Stronghold.

Gnome Ball is one of only a few minigames in RuneScape Classic. It is located within the Tree Gnome Stronghold and can be a fun, unconventional alternative to training Agility.

The game

To begin the game, talk to the Gnome Ball referee. After explaining the game, he'll toss you a gnome ball. The goal of the game is to toss the ball through the Goal at the other end of field to score. However, between you and the goal are a number of Gnome Ballers who will try to tackle the ball away from you if you get close enough. If they fail, they will say "grrr" in a disgruntled tone but if they succeed they will shout "yeah". If a Gnome Baller succeeds in stealing away your gnome ball, you must use the right click "tackle" option in order to steal it back. Unlike RuneScape 2, there is no graphical change to the Gnome Baller who has your stolen gnome ball, so it is very important to pay attention to which one actually has it. You will take 1-4 damage from being tackled or from failing to tackle a Gnome Baller depending on your Hits.

A player getting a gnome ball from the referee.

In addition, there are two Gnome Ballers dressed in orange and located on the sides of the field with a right click option to "pass" the gnome ball to. They will hold the ball for approximately three seconds, allowing you to get farther up the field without having to worry about being tackled, before passing the ball back to you. However, these Gnome Ballers can also be tackled (you will be notified in the chat window). If this happens, you must go back to the referee to get another ball. Alternatively, if you bring a friend, you can pass the ball to them within the game to allow them to score.

To score, you must get close enough to the goal and use the left click "shoot" option on the gnome ball. It is possible to miss the goal, upon which you must go back to the referee to get another ball and start all over. If you score, the gnome cheerleaders will cheer for you.


Gnome Ball Agility Bonus.png

Throughout the game, you are rewarded with Ranged and Agility experience. Unlike RS2, you do not gain a gnome ball to take outside the Gnome Ball Field upon completion of a game. However, there are methods of smuggling a gnome ball past the gate.

The experience received for the first 4 goals varies on distance from the net. Every fifth goal, you will be rewarded with an experience bonus.

How the squares in the field work

Goal Ranged XP Fatigue Agility XP Fatigue
Table 1
1 5.0 0.13% 5.0 0.13%
2 7.5 0.13% 7.5 0.13%
3 8.75 0.27% 8.75 0.13%
4 10.0 0.27% 10.0 0.13%
5 55.0 1.07% 55.0 1.2%
Table 2
1 10.0 0.27% 10.0 0.13%
2 12.5 0.27% 12.5 0.27%
3 15.0 0.27% 15.0 0.4%
4 17.5 0.4% 17.5 0.4%
5 55.0 1.07% 55.0 1.2%


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