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The Gnome Stronghold Agility Course is an Agility course found in the Tree Gnome Stronghold. This is the course players must initially use to train Agility since it has no requirements to use, unlike the other two courses in RuneScape Classic.

Getting there

The agility course is located in the Tree Gnome Stronghold. To get there, players must first travel to the Kingdom of Kandarin, the members area. The best ways to get to the members area are:

Once in the Kingdom of Kandarin, travel to the north-west most area and enter the Tree Gnome Stronghold through the gates along the south fence. This area is northwest of the Training Camp.


Below is a table containing the different obstacles encountered when travelling around the agility course.

Image Obstacle Experience Possible to fail? Stops at 100% fatigue?
Gnome Course Log.png
Log 7.5 No Yes
Gnome Course Net1.png
Net 7.5 No Yes
Gnome Course Watchtower1.png
Watch tower 7.5 No No
Gnome Course Ropeswing.png
Ropeswing 7.5 No No
Gnome Course Watchtower2.png
Watch tower 7.5 No No
Gnome Course Net2.png
Net 7.5 No Yes
Gnome Course Pipe.png
Pipe 7.5 No Yes

Bonus at the end of a full lap: 37.5xp

Experience per hour

Completing full lap gives 90 agility experience. It is possible to get up to 8.9k experience per hour.

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