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God letters was a website feature that allowed players to write in to Jagex with questions addessed to the RuneScape Gods: Saradomin, Zamorak, and Guthix. Jagex published the best letters as a recurring newsletter along with a reply as one of the gods. As players were not informed which god would reply that time around, players would often address their letters to a specific god only to have another one answer it.

These might be suggestions for Runescape - although the gods do tend to be quite touchy about the evolutionary process. You might like to send questions relating to the history of the game, or queries about the many characters and races that inhabit Runescape. The best letters will be published in the email newsletter. Please note that despite their omnipotence, the gods of Runescape do not concern themselves with customer support.
  God letters:Issue 1 - Saradomin Speaks

This series had been a staple point in the game's developing lore, and was some of Jagex's first recognizable attempts to further detail the world of Gielinor. Players had known to look forward to these letters and the occasional accompanying images and concept art over the years. The extra details and curiosities had made RuneScape even more vibrant and full of mystery. Saradomin had written the first letter, and established himself as the de facto force of "Good" in this new game world.

The series began on 24 September 2002 and concluded on 9 December 2004, months after RuneScape 2 was released. The following September, a new website feature called Postbag from the Hedge was created to allow players to write to any character related to RuneScape. Similar features were added over the years to help expand the game's lore, and were collectively part of the Library of Varrock. This collection was moved to another part of the RuneScape website around 20112012, but was ultimately removed on 12 August 2016 with no replacement.


The following god letters are presented verbatim, but with no official source available to verify accuracy and completeness.

Title Responder Date
Issue 1 - Saradomin SpeaksSaradomin
24 September 2002
Issue 2 - The People RejoiceSaradomin
9 October 2002
Issue 3 - Ep Three: A New BoneSaradomin
18 October 2002
Issue 4 - The All-powerful JellyfishSaradomin
25 October 2002
Issue 5 - Moody monstersSaradomin
1 November 2002
Issue 6 - All Hallow's EveSaradomin
15 November 2002
Issue 7 - Unisex?Saradomin
2 December 2002
Issue 8 - Monk bashingSaradomin
11 December 2002
Issue 9 - Zamorak retaliates!Zamorak
30 January 2003
Issue 10 - Zamorak does oneZamorak
14 April 2003
Issue 11 - Zamorak Loves LettersZamorak
22 May 2003
Issue 12 - Guthix ManifestsGuthix
20 June 2003
Issue 13 - Guthix MaintainsGuthix
1 July 2003
Issue 14 - The Return of SaradominSaradomin
5 August 2003
Issue 15 - Zamorak speaks his mind once moreZamorak
29 August 2003
Issue 16 - Guthix Dispels RumoursGuthix
30 September 2003
Issue 17 - Saradomin Speaks Once MoreSaradomin
29 October 2003
Issue 18 - Zamorak Rises!Zamorak
4 February 2004
Issue 19 - Guthix Embraces ChangeGuthix
14 April 2004*
Issue 20 - Saradomin Answers QuestionsSaradomin
1 June 2004*
Issue 21 - Saradomin IlluminatesSaradomin
21 June 2004*
Issue 22 - Zamorak DeconstructsZamorak
2 August 2004*
Issue 23 - Zamorak Considers Some IssuesZamorak
17 August 2004*
Issue 24 - Guthix PondersGuthix
22 September 2004*
Issue 25 - Guthix ReiteratesGuthix
11 October 2004*
Issue 26 - Saradomin PreachesSaradomin
1 November 2004*
Issue 27 - Saradomin EnlightensSaradomin
9 December 2004*

* Released after the launch of RuneScape 2.

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