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Gold rocks are a type of scenery which give gold when mined. Level 40 Mining is required, and yields 65 experience when successful.

A depleted rock takes between 50 and 70 seconds to respawn, depending on the population of the server.

During the Family Crest quest, the player needs to mine "perfect" gold. There is no discernible difference between "perfect" gold rocks/ore/bars and ordinary gold, except that the quest items use different item IDs from their counterparts. "Perfect" gold can even be used for making any gold jewellery, but not golden bowls. These special gold rocks that produce "perfect" gold are only located within Zanash dungeon. The player needs to complete a puzzle to access the east gated room within, and then avoid an aggressive level 114 hellhound to mine them.


Location Number
Al Kharid mine 1
Brimhaven mine 15
Crafting Guild 5
Crandor mine 2
Crandor and Karamja mine 4
Dwarven Mine 1
Entrana mine 1
Feldip Hills mine 3
Rimmington mine 1
Tree Gnome Stronghold mine 4
Zanash dungeon 3*

* Gold within Zanash dungeon is "perfect" gold; used in the Family Crest quest.