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Quest details

Name: Grand tree
Release date: 12 December 2002 (Update)
Pay-to-play: Yes
Start: Talk to King Narnode Shareen in the Grand Tree.
Length: Medium-Long
Requirements: Agility level 25
Items needed:
Monsters to defeat: Black demon (level 175)


Go into this door to find King Narnode Shareen.

Starting out


Hazelmere's Location

  • Hazelmere is located east of Yanille, across a bridge
  • (Caution: his island is infested with aggressive, non-poisonous level-47 jungle spiders)
  • Hazelmere's words will not be coherent to the player.
  • After translating what he says via the book (this is not actually necessary, as the answers are below), the player will need to repeat the message to the King back at the Stronghold.
  • The message from Hazelmere says:
human came with kings seal
gave human daconia rock
daconia rocks will kill tree

Glough's house (up the ladder)


  • The king will tell you to speak to Glough, the chief guardian. He is found up a ladder northwest of the stronghold spirit tree.
    • A sign near the ladder reads: Home of the Head tree guardian
  • Glough will blame humans for the problems with the tree.
  • Return to the King at the base of the Grand Tree.
  • A human has been caught with the daconia rock and you must interrogate him.
  • Charlie, located at the top of the Grand Tree, tells you that Glough paid him to carry the letter to Hazelmere and transfer the rocks.
  • Now return to Glough's home. Search the cupboard and the player will find Gloughs journal.
  • Speak to Glough and you will be put in the cage.
  • After talking with Charlie and learning the password to the ship yard, the king will free you and offer his glider service for you to escape.
  • Activate the Glider at the top of the tree, just south of Charlie.
  • During your flight the glider will crash on Karamja island.

Ship yard is east from the crash site.

Ship Yard

  • Head east of the crash site to the ship yard.
  • Enter the ship yard with the password: ka-lu-min
  • Talk to the Shipyard foreman on the docks.
  • The Shipyard foreman will question you about Glough, the answers are:
his wife is no longer with us
He loves worm holes
  • Alternatively, you can answer incorrectly and kill the foreman to obtain the invoice.

Returning to the Grand Tree

Femi's cart

  • Go back to the Tree Gnome Stronghold and you won't be able to enter the gate.
  • Speak to Femi to the left of the gate in order to sneak in. Return to the king and he will not believe you.
  • Speak to Charlie in the jail at the top of the tree.
  • He will tell you to speak to Anita, who is found in the most eastern tree house in the northwest corner of the stronghold.
  • Speak to her to obtain Glough's key.
  • Go to Glough's house and use the key on the chest to get another Tree gnome translation book and Glough's notes.
  • Take the items to the king.


Use pebbles on the stone stand

  • The king will still not trust your "proof" and will give you four pebbles found in Glough's possession.
  • Take these stones to the Watch tower above Glough's house and use the stones on the stone stand.
  • The order from left to right is ho-ni-:::-ha which spells "open".
Before continuing, prepare to fight a level 175 Black demon.

Black Demon

Fighting the demon

  • After preparing for the fight, return to the watch tower above Glough's house, and press down on the stone stand and select the climb option to go underground.
  • Glough will now summon a black demon to attack you. Kill the demon before it disappears (4:10 minutes or 250 seconds)
  • After the demon is killed, find the King north in the tunnel.
    • (Note: You will only be able to talk to the king in the tunnel; back in the tree he will not speak to you.)

Daconia rock

Location of Daconia rock

  • After some conversation, you will be prompted to look for the daconia rock. It is located by searching the roots southwest of the king.
  • Return to the king with the stone.
  • Congratulations, quest complete!


Grand tree completed.png


  • While there is a warrant out for your arrest, you cannot leave via the Gnome stronghold gate. However, if you leave through any other method, you can simply walk through the gates, entering into the stronghold without any difficulty. At least, until you get the invoice from the Shipyard foreman.
  • While talking with the Shipyard foreman, he reveals that the plan is "take over RuneScape". In RS2, the world is later referred to as Gielinor.
  • After players get the invoice, they are stopped from entering the Gnome stronghold gate. However, they may freely leave through them.
  • Players gain 7.5 Agility XP and 0.13% fatigue every time they climb up Glough's watchtower.