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Gu'Tanoth map
Nicknames Ogre city
Released 7 May 2003 (Update)
Members area Yes
Kingdom Kandarin
Leader Unknown
Inhabitants / Race Ogres, Skavid
Teleportation Watchtower teleport
Banks None
Altars 0
Guilds None
Location on World Map
Unknown Gu'tanoth Cairn Isle

Gu'tanoth is city filled with ogres and skavid in south-western Kandarin, Feldip Hills. It is south of Yanille and is accessed during the Watchtower quest.



Ogre Enclave

Main article: Ogre Enclave
Ogre Enclave entrance

There is an entrance to Ogre Enclave in the marketplace

Ogre Enclave is a dungeon beneath Gu'Tanoth that is accessed during the Watchtower quest.

Skavid Caves

Main article: Skavid caves

There are six caves with skavid NPCs. To be able to navigate in the caves, a lit candle and skavid map is required. The southernmost cave (marked on the map right) has a hole that can be used to enter Yanille. The caves also contain bones, nightshades, coins, cheese and Giant bats.

Other Features

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