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Guilds are special institutions containing resources and items. Guild requirements either include a certain progress among quests or a certain skill level, sometimes while wearing a particular item.

Free-to-play guilds

Champions' Guild- Access to this guild requires the player to have at least 32 Quest Points. It is located south of Varrock. Notable things in the guild include Scavvo's Rune Shop, Valaine's Shop of Champions, and the Guildmaster (to start the Dragon Slayer quest).

Cooks' Guild- The entry requirement for this guild is level 40 Cooking and to be wearing a chef's hat. The guild is located west of Varrock. Notable things inside include a windmill, ranges, a sink, and numerous item spawns for various Cooking supplies, including everything required to make wine.

Crafting Guild- This guild requires that the player has level 40 Crafting and wears a brown apron. It is located southwest of Falador. Notable things in the guild include a tanner, a potter's wheel and pottery oven, 5 gold rocks, 5 silver rocks, and 4 clay rocks. It also has item spawns for various Crafting supplies and areas of cows and sheep nearby.

Mining Guild- The entry requirement of the Mining Guild is 60 Mining. The guild is located in the south end of the Dwarven Mine, beneath Falador. Notable things in the guild include 3 mithril rocks and 20 coal rocks.

Monastery (Prayer Guild)- Access to this guild is first permitted by Abbot Langley if the player has at least 31 Prayer points. The monastery is located west of Edgeville, north of Barbarian Village, and the guild portion is located up the ladder. Notable things in the guild include an altar that recharges Prayer 2 points higher than other altars, monk robes, and Brother Jered, who blesses holy symbols.

Pay-to-play guilds

Fishing Guild- The entry requirement of the Fishing Guild is level 68 Fishing. It is located west of Hemenster on the road between Seers' Village and East Ardougne. Notable features for the guild include fishing spots, certers, and supplies for catching lobster, bass, swordfish, and shark, and a range to cook them on.

Heroes' Guild- Access to this guild requires completion of the Hero's Quest. The guild is located north of Taverley. Notable things in the guild include the Dragon Axe Shop, an altar, a caged blue dragon, the fountain of heros for recharging dragonstone amulets, and a mine which includes 6 coal rocks, 1 each mith, adamantite, and runite rock.

Legends' Guild- Full access to the Legends' Guild requires completing the Legend's Quest, the final and longest quest in RuneScape Classic. It features shops to buy dragon shield right halves, cape of legends, and more. It also has a dungeon with giant bats, pit scorpions, and shadow warriors.

Magic Guild- The entry requirement of the Magic Guild is level 66 Magic. It is located in Yanille. It features a mage training spot, a shop which includes soul runes, and 3 portals to various Magic related places around RuneScape.