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After completing Demon Slayer

  • Gypsy: Greetings young one
  • Gypsy: You're a hero now
  • Gypsy: That was a good bit of demonslaying[sic]
    • Player: How do you know I killed it?
      • Gypsy: You forget
      • Gypsy: I'm good at knowing these things
    • Player: Thanks
    • Player: Stop calling me that
      • Gypsy: In the scheme of things you are very young
        • Player: Ok but how old are you
          • Gypsy: Count the number of legs of the chairs in the blue moon inn
          • Gypsy: And multiply that number by seven
          • Player: Errr[sic] yeah whatever
        • Player: Oh if its[sic] in the scheme of things that's ok
          • Gypsy: You should wisdom for one so young
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