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These two items are used to make a Dragon Square Shield. The left half is an extremely rare drop from many monsters, most notably Shadow Warriors. The right half may only be obtained by buying it from the Legends' Guild Shop for 750,000 coins. Once you have both halves, go to an anvil with level 60 smithing and use any of the two halves on the anvil to create the legendary Dragon Square Shield, granting 75 smithing experience.


Joining dragon square halves.png

Dropped by

They are dropped by:

Monster Combat level Quantity - Dwarf 18 1 5Very rare
Thug 18 1 5Very rare
Chaos Druid 19 1 5Very rare
Giant 37 1 5Very rare
Black knight 46 1 5Very rare
Jogre 58 1 5Very rare
Moss Giant 62 1 5Very rare
Shadow Warrior 64 1 5Very rare

Ice Giant 68 1 5Very rare
Lesser Demon 79 1 5Very rare
Blue Dragon 105 1 5Very rare
Fire Giant 109 1 5Very rare

Black Dragon 200 1 5Very rare
King Black Dragon 245 1 5Very rare

and any monsters that drop gems and half keys