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Half of a key
Half of a key (tooth)

Half of a key (loop)

Nicknames None
Released 27 February 2002 (Update)
Quest item No
Members item Yes
Tradeable Yes
Equipable No
Stackable No
High alch 0gp
Low alch 0gp
Shop price Not Sold
Sale price 0gp
Examine A very shiny key

A Half of a key is a rare item drop which may be received from any monster that drops gems. Using the "teeth" half on the "loop" half or vice-versa will create a crystal key. Using said key on the Crystal chest in Taverley will give the player several rare items. The chest has a 100% chance of giving an uncut dragonstone, as well as the possibility of various other items, such as coins, runes, and rune bars.

Dropped by

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