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RuneScape uses the British convention for floor numbering: ground floor, first floor (immediately above the ground floor), second floor, etc.

Location of Handelmort mansion.

Handelmort mansion is located in the centre of East Ardougne near the marketplace. The tourist guide reveals to that the owner of the mansion is Lord Franis Bradley Handelmort. The lord employs Horacio to tend to his gardens out front.

In the mansion's back yard are guard dogs that are frequently used by players to train Magic or Ranged due to the dogs being behind a fence. The only way to access the mansion is via Wizard Cromperty after players have switched the address labels of a crate during the Tribal Totem quest. Upstairs is the chest that contains the tribal totem, which is the primary purpose of the mansion.

Ground floor[UK]

The ground floor is relatively plain, containing little decoration. The mansion's front doors east of the crate cannot be opened. However, the north door can be opened if players enter the combination (B-R-A-D), as learned during the quest. The ladder in the front room also leads to the basement. The north door of the hallway may be freely opened and it leads outside to the fountains and guard dogs. The west door can be opened if the player picks the lock, although a lockpick isn't required. Players who wish to go up the stairs must first search it for traps. Failure to do so will result in the player falling to the basement and taking 7 damage.

1st floor[UK]

1st floor map

The 1st floor houses various treasures that Lord Handelmort has collected. The floor contains:


Destination of the escape ladder.

While not an actual basement, the ladder on the ground floor[UK] of the mansion's east room is the intended exit from the mansion. It leads to the north path of the Ardougne sewer mine. It is also where the player falls to if they fail to search the stairs for traps. Exiting the area is done by climbing the ladder to the southwest, which leads to the manhole just north of Ardougne Zoo.