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Herblaw uses 11 different herbs across 14 different skilling potions, plus 5 additional potions for quests. Upon drinking, each potion has a unique effect on the player. The most common effect is temporarily raising a player's level in a certain skill. It's for these effects that Herblaw is an important skill to train because the high-level potions have a high demand and relatively low supply, resulting in large profits.


Completing the Druidic Ritual quest rewards the player with enough experience to reach level 3 Herblaw, the level required to identify the lowest herb and make the lowest potion.

Level 3+

Identify all herbs you find or buy and make them into potions. If a player is collecting their own herbs, chaos druids are the recommended monster to kill because they have a chance of dropping two at a time and also drop some other Herblaw materials. Chaos Druid Tower is a good place to find them, but requires level 46 Thieving to access. Bringing law runes and a type of water staff to use Ardougne teleport speeds up trips to the bank.

Level 38+

After a player has reached level 38, it's recommended to stop collecting all herbs below Harralander. This is because these herbs are bases for potions which only reward a player with small amounts of Herblaw experience. Also, if one drops the lower herbs (guam, marrentill, and tarromin) they'll hold more high-level herbs each inventory and thus increase the amount of experience gained from each herb-collecting trip.

When the player makes higher level potions (super potions, etc.), it's highly recommended to sell the potions and buy herbs, or even exchange the potions for the corresponding herbs, because the high-level herbs take a long time to collect in large quantities.

Note: Unidentified herbs (called Unids) are usually sold for 500 coins each by players but can go for over 1,000 per herb if there are 10 or more different kinds of unidentified herbs (Commonly refereed to as a 10 stack).

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