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Hickton's Archery Store

Released 25 March 2002 (Update)
Location Catherby
Owner Hickton
Type of shop Ranged, fletching
Members-only? Yes
Quests needed? None
Skills needed? None
Catherby map

Hickton's Archery Store's location is shown by the archery symbol on this map of Catherby.

Hickton's Archery Store is a shop located in Catherby. It is owned by Hickton, who buys and sells ranged and fletching supplies.

Ground Floor

The ground floor is where the player will find Hickton. Above the door there is a shop sign hanging. In the middle of the building is a counter. A ladder in the north east corner leads up.

Upper Floor

On the upper floor there is a portrait hanging on the eastern wall and an empty chest in the south west corner. In front of the chest there is a vial spawn.


Hickton's Archery Store

Image Name Stock Price
Crossbow bolts Crossbow bolts 200 3gp
Bronze Arrows Bronze Arrows 200 2gp
Iron Arrows Iron Arrows 200 6gp
Steel Arrows Steel Arrows 0
Mithril Arrows Mithril Arrows 0
Adamantite Arrows Adamantite Arrows 0
Rune Arrows Rune Arrows 0
Bronze arrow heads Bronze arrow heads 200 1gp
Iron arrow heads Iron arrow heads 180 3gp
Steel arrow heads Steel arrow heads 160 12gp
Mithril arrow heads Mithril arrow heads 140 32gp
Adamantite arrow heads Adamantite arrow heads 120 80gp
Rune arrow heads Rune arrow heads 100 400gp
Shortbow Shortbow 4 50gp
Longbow Longbow 2 80gp
Crossbow Crossbow 2 70gp
Oak Shortbow Oak Shortbow 4 100gp
Oak Longbow Oak Longbow 4 160gp

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