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Horvik's Armour Shop
Varrock armor.png
Released 4 January 2001 (Update)
Pay-to-play No
Location Eastern Varrock
Owner Horvik the Armourer
Type of shop Armour
Quest requirement None
Skill requirement None

The location of Horvik's Armour Shop is indicated by the anvil symbol.

Horvik's Armour Shop is a shop located north-east of Varrock's town square. It is owned by Horvik the Armourer, who buys and sells armour. The building contains 3 anvils.


Horvik's Armour Shop.png

Image Name Stock Price
Bronze Chain Mail Body.png Bronze Chain Mail Body 5 60gp
Iron Chain Mail Body.png Iron Chain Mail Body 3 210gp
Steel Chain Mail Body.png Steel Chain Mail Body 3 750gp
Mithril Chain Mail Body.png Mithril Chain Mail Body 1 1950gp
Bronze Plate Mail Body.png Bronze Plate Mail Body 3 160gp
Iron Plate Mail Body.png Iron Plate Mail Body 1 560gp
Steel Plate Mail Body.png Steel Plate Mail Body 1 2000gp
Black Plate Mail Body.png Black Plate Mail Body 1 3840gp
Mithril Plate Mail Body.png Mithril Plate Mail Body 1 5200gp
Iron Plate Mail Legs.png Iron Plate Mail Legs 1 280gp

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