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Ice mountain

The Location of Ice Mountain

Introduction & QuestsEdit

Ice Mountain is a mountain west of Barbarian Village and North-East of Falador. The Oracle resides here and is a place of many quests, such as the Black Knights' Fortress and Dragon Slayer. In the quest, Black Knights Fortress, the player ventures to the Black Knights Fortress. In Dragon Slayer, the player needs to enter the danger ridden Dwarven Mine.

Location on World Map
Black Knights' Fortress (building)
Goblin Village Ice Mountain Edgeville


Ice Mountain proper is uninhabitable by humans, but the Oracle dwells at its peak, ready to impart knowledge. Just south of the mountain, there is a dwarf camp. This camp houses the dwarf Multi-cannon, as well a small population of dwarves. Just north of the mountain, there is the Black Knights' Fortress. The Fortress, despised by the white knights of Falador, is inhabited by a good population of level 48 black knights.


As Ice Mountain is frozen, there are not many resources available. However by the Dwarven Mine, there are several trees, and to the west of the mountain there are a large amount of trees. Dwarves, Mountain Dwarves, and Black knights can be killed by players , and there is a veritable forest to the east of the mountain.


Ice mountain may be used for training on Black Knights, and Dwarves. However this is not suggested because of the distance that Ice Mountain is away from a bank. The closest bank to Ice Mountain is Falador East Bank. Note that Ice mountain is dangerous to low levelled players, mainly because of the population of Black knights.

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