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Influence, displayed as a former skill in the early days of Runescape Classic, was the predecessor of Quest Points as completing some quests would give a certain amount of influence. Influence could be used to buy silk from the silk trader in Al Kharid at a lower price, and more generally speaking, had intentions to barter and persuade non-player characters to do things.[1] The Champions' Guild required the highest possible influence at any given time for players to access it.[2] Influence was reworked into what is known as quest points in 10 May 2001.

Quests that awarded influence

Max Influence

Maximum influence May 1st 2001.

Early March 2001 the maximum possible influence was 15.[3]

Early May 2001 the maximum possible influence was 19.[4][5]

The maximum amount of influence before the transition to Quest Points in 10 May was 22.[6]


  • The act of influencing a npc in-game was implemented in 2005, with the item Ring of charos in RS2.
  • Although Influence was displayed as a skill, it did not follow a level curve and was more like a stat, similar to Quest Points. If the player had Influence 10/10 it merely indicated they had accumulated 10 influence from quests.
  • As opposed to the Quest point system, where every quest gives at least 1 point, in the early days only selected quests gave influence. [7]


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