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RuneScape uses the British convention for floor numbering: ground floor, first floor (immediately above the ground floor), second floor, etc.

Iron Chain Mail Body is the second weakest chain mail body and among the weakest armour bonuses overall in RuneScape Classic. It has no Defense level requirement to wear. They can be forged from 3 iron bars at level 26 Smithing, yielding 75 experience.

Unlike platemail body armour, chainmail can be worn with gloves, such as Klank's gauntlets, for added WeaponAim and WeaponPower bonuses.

Wearing an iron chain mail body and bronze medium helmet are required to enter the side door of the Black Knights' Fortress — a necessity for that quest.



Image Item Armour Aim Power Magic Prayer
Bronze Chain Mail Body.png Bronze Chain Mail Body 9
Iron Chain Mail Body.png Iron Chain Mail Body 12
Bronze Plate Mail Body.pngBronze Plate Mail top.png Bronze Plate Mail Body 14
Steel Chain Mail Body.png Steel Chain Mail Body 19
Iron Plate Mail Body.pngIron Plate Mail top.png Iron Plate Mail Body 20

Item spawns

Location Number of spawns Number in stack Approximate respawn time
Ground floor[UK] of the Varrock Museum 1 1* ? edit
Clock tower cellar, south cavern, near the rat poison 1 1 25 seconds

* This particular stack may only be obtained by casting Telekinetic grab on it with Level 33 Magic.