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Iron rock.png

Ore Iron ore
Mining level 15
Experience received 35
Fatigue received 0.7467%
Respawn rate 4-7 seconds
Examine A rocky outcrop

Iron rocks are a type of scenery which give iron ore when mined. Level 15 Mining is required to mine iron rocks. Doing so gives 35 experience when successful.

A depleted rock takes between 4-7 seconds to respawn, depending on the population of the server.


Number Location
5 Al Kharid mine
3 Ardougne sewer mine
25 Desert Mining Camp mine
6 Dwarven Mine
2 Edgeville dungeon mine
3 Entrana mine
3 Falador mine
4 Feldip Hills mine
8 Fight Arena mine
7 Kandarin Monastery mine
4 Legends' Guild mine
3 Rimmington mine
7 Tree Gnome Stronghold mine
3 Varrock southeast mine
2 Varrock southwest mine
4 Wilderness hobgoblin mine
1 Wilderness rogue mine
1 Wilderness steel mine

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