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Before the Tree Gnome Village quest and during a majority of it

  • Player: hello
  • kalron: gotta find a way out
  • kalron: we built this maze for protection
  • kalron: but i can't get used to it
  • kalron: i'm always getting lost

After searching the khazard chest for the Orb of protection

  • Player: hello there
  • kalron: oh my, oh my
  • kalron: the village has been
  • kalron: and i'm still lost
  • kalron: oh dear

After speaking with Bolren on the stolen orbs

  • Player: hello, how are you?
  • kalron: oh my i'll never find my way back
  • kalron: before khazard's men come and hunt me down

After defeating the Khazard warlord for the Orbs of protection

  • Player: hello little man
  • kalron: hello i hope they come out and find me soon,
  • kalron: it's getting cold

After completing the quest

  • kalron: are you trying to be funny?
  • Player: no
  • kalron: hmmm
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