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During Underground Pass quest

  • Player: hello my good man
  • Klank: Good day to you outsider
  • Klank: i'm klank, i'm the only blacksmith still alive down here
  • Klank: infact we're the only ones that haven't yet turned
  • Klank: if you're not carefull you'll become one of them too
  • Player: who?.. ibans followers
  • Klank: they're not followers, they're slaves, they're the souless
    • what happened to them?
      • Player: what happened to them?
      • Klank: they were normal once, adventurers, treasure hunters
      • Klank: but men are weak, they couldn't ignore the vocies
      • Klank: now they all seem to think with one conscience..
      • Klank: as if they're being controlled by one being
      • Player: iban?
      • Klank: maybe?... maybe zamorak himself
      • Klank: those who try and fight it...
      • Klank: iban locks in cages, until their minds are too weak to resist
      • Klank: eventually they all fall to his control
      • Klank: here take this, i don't need it
      • (klank gives you a tinderbox)
    • no wonder their breath was soo bad
      • Player: no wonder they're breath was soo bad
      • Klank: you think this is funny.. eh
      • Player: not really, just trying to lighten up the conversation
      • Klank: here take this, i don't need it
      • (klank gives you a tinderbox)

After getting the A Doll of Iban

  • Player: hi klank
  • Klank: traveller,I hear you plan to destroy iban
  • Player: that's right
  • Klank: i have a gift for you, they may help
  • Klank: i crafted these long ago to protect myself...
  • Klank: from the teeth of the souless, their bite is vicous
  • Klank: i haven't seen a another pair which can with stand their jaws
  • (klank gives you a pair of gaunlets)
  • (and a tinderbox)
  • Player: thanks klank
  • Klank: good luck traveller, give iban a slap for me

After entering the Zamorakian temple with a complete Doll of Iban

  • Player: hello klank
  • Klank: hello again adventurer, so you're still around
  • Player: still here!
    • have you anymore gauntlets?
      • Player: have you anymore gauntlets?
      • Klank: well..yes, but they're not cheap to make
      • Klank: i'll have to sell you a pair
      • Player: how much?
      • Klank: 5000 coins
        • 5000, you must be joking
          • Player: 5000, you must be joking
          • Klank: we don't joke down here, friend
        • ok then, i'll take a pair
          • Player: ok then, i'll take a pair
          • [If player does not have at least 5000gp]
          • Player: oh dear, i haven't enough money
          • Klank: sorry, i can't sell them any cheaper than that
          • [If player has at least 5000gp]
          • (you give klank 5000 coins...)
          • (...and klank gives you a pair of guanletts)
          • Klank: there you go..i hope they help
          • Player: i'll see you around klank
    • take care klank
      • Player: take care klank
      • Klank: you too adventurer

After the quest

  • (Same as dialogue for after the Zamorakian temple with a complete doll)
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