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Wilderness Lava Maze dungeon entrance

Entrance ladder to Lava Maze dungeon.

Lava Maze dungeon map

The Lava Maze dungeon is a small dungeon located under the Lava Maze in the Wilderness. It can be accessed from the centre of the maze.

Preparation & Getting There

Cure poison Potion Poison antidote Knife Charged Dragonstone Amulet Anti dragon breath Shield

The player should access the dungeon properly equipped. To go through the Lava Maze players will need a knife or a sharp weapon such as a sword, mace or battle axes to cut through the spider webs. Poison Antidotes or Cure poison potions are highly recommended because of the Poison spiders and Anti-Dragon Shield is a must due to Black Dragons in the destination. Food and Prayer potions are always recommended.


  • The closest banking location without a teleport is at at the Mage Arena, with the second closest being in Edgeville.
  • Having a Charged Dragonstone Amulet or teleport ruins can make leaving quick by walking to level 30 Wilderness (teleports will not work before at a higher level)
  • Some players may choose to return to a bank by teleporting to Ardougne via the Deserted keep lever (players should note that there are webs which must be sliced to access this location)


Wilderness Lava Maze mine

Black dragons, Poison Spiders and Greater demons inhabit the dungeon.

Other features

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