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Leather Gloves are a piece of equipment which are worn on the player's hands and provide a +2 Armour bonus. They are often worn in conjunction with the leather boots. Many players find the gloves to be among some of the first pieces of protective armour that they are able to obtain. Gloves cannot be worn with Plate Mail Bodies or Plate Mail Tops but they can be worn with Chain Mail Bodies, Leather Armour, and robes. They are required in the Digsite and Witch's House quests.

Crafting Leather Gloves

Item spawns

Location Number of spawns Number in stack Approx. respawn time
Next to the southern wall of the Edgeville bank 1 1 37.5 seconds
Inside a building east of the Falador north gate 1 1 37.5 second
Inside the Phoenix Gang's weapon storage room 1 1 ?

Shop locations

Big fishing net


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