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Not to be confused with Legends' Guild General Store in the first floor of the guild

Legends' Guild Shop
Legends' Guild Shop

Released 20 August 2003 (Update)
Location Legends' Guild
Owner Siegfried Erkle
Type of shop Misc
Members-only? Yes
Quests needed? Legend's Quest
Skills needed? Legend's Quest requirements
Legends guild map

The location of the Legends' Guild is marked on the map.

Legends' Guild Shop is located on the top floor of Legends' Guild. It is run by Siegfried Erkle, a brother of Grand Vizier Sir Radimus Erkle.

The shop is notable for selling some unique items such as right Half Dragon Square Shields, Cape of Legends and Mithril seeds.


Legends' Guild Shop stock

Image Item name Stock quantity Starting price
Mithril seed Mithril seed 6 300 GP
Dusty Key Dusty Key 5 1 GP
Silverlight Silverlight 4 75 GP
Maze key Maze key 3 1 GP
Half Dragon Square Shield 2 Right Half Dragon Square Shield 1 750,000 GP
Cape of legends Cape of legends 3 675 GP

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