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The Legends caverns are caves in the jungle on the south of Karamja which are first accessed during the Legend's Quest. This dungeon is typically only used to complete the quest, it is difficult to reach afterwards and seldom returned to.


The entrance is marked by what Gujuo calls "divine geometry", three rocks and three Palm trees. The rocks may be searched and crawled with level 50 Agility. The player will sometimes get stuck in the narrow crevice and hardly make it out, damaging for 5 hits.

Legends caverns map

Upper Caverns

Guide to the Upper Caverns

This guide is for those who have already completed the Legend's Quest. It is recommended to follow the quest guide (Legend's Quest) if you haven't yet done the quest.

  1. Go to west Kharazi Jungle (Machete Machette and Axe Bronze Axe)
  2. Search the rock and go down
  3. In Ungadulu's cave search the north-eastern Bookcase to climb through the hole
  4. Picklock Ancient Wooden Doors (50 Thieving and Lockpick Lockpick)
  5. Smash the Boulders (Pickaxe Bronze Pickaxe)
  6. Push the Heavy Metal Gate (50 Strength required)
  7. Go through the room with level 80 Death Wings
  8. Jump Ruined wall (50 Agility)
  9. Use Ancient Wall (SMELL runes are no longer needed after the quest)
  10. Cast Charge air orb, Charge water orb, Charge earth orb or Charge Fire Orb on the Dark Metal Gate (Cosmic-Runes Cosmic-Rune, Unpowered orb Unpowered orb, Elemental Runes)

You will now be in the room with the Strange Barrels. In the quest, the player can go down the Wooden Beam by drinking Gujuo Potion and using a rope on it to produce scenery object called "Rope down into darkness". But this is no longer possible after the quest because player is unable to create any more Gujuo Potions. Using ropes on the beam will only make them snap and disappear.

Lower Caverns

Legends cavern map Lower

Lower caverns

The lower caverns contain Rock Hewn Stairs and Rocky Walkways that can be descended with level 50 Agility. Player may fail the obstacles and fall for damage. In the bottom there is dragon-shaped cavern with Ancient Lava Furnace, Irvig Senay, Ranalph Devere, San Tojalon, Pile of rubbles and empty rocks. Cavernous Opening can be entered once the glowing red crystal is placed on it. The final section is the source of pure water and it contains Lesser Demons, more rocks and some Giant Spiders.


These monster can be found in the lower section after the Strange Barrels room during the quest:

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