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Lever (scenery)

Lever is a piece of scenery found in many dungeons.

Examine: The lever is up or The lever is down

Deserted Keep

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Teleport house lever

The lever in the Teleport house locasted just east of West ardougne will transport players into level 50 deep wilderness. Pulling the lever at the Deserted Keep will return players to the Teleport house.


When pulled at the Teleport house:

"warning pulling this lever will teleport you deep into the wilderness
Are you sure you wish to pull it?
Yes I'm brave
you pull the lever
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Deserted Keep lever

Eeep the wilderness no thankyou[sic]
Yes please, don't show this message again
you pull the lever"

Pulling the lever at the Deserted keep will not give players any messages.

Temple of Ikov

Temple of Ikov - Trapped Lever

Examine: It's a lever

If players do not 'Searchfortraps' They will take damage and receive the message:

"You have activated a trap on the lever"

Players who do 'Searchfortraps' will get the following messages and be allowed to pull the lever:

"You search the lever for traps
You find a trap on the lever
You disable the trap"

Pulling the level gives the player the following messages:

"You pull the lever
You hear a clunk
The trap on the lever resets"

Also in the Temple of Ikov Dungeon is a Lever Bracket that must be repaired by using the item Lever on it. Repairing it turns it into a lever with the Examine: It's a lever

Temple of Ikov - Lever Bracket

Underground Pass

Old bridge & Lever

Old bridge and Lever

Visually different levers can be found in the Underground Pass. First one is near Old bridge and the second by the grill puzzle.

Cage & Lever

Cage and Lever by the grills


Pulling the lever next to the Old bridge:

you pull back on the old lever
the bridge slowly lowers
you cross the bridge

Pulling the lever next to the Cage:

you pull on the lever
you hear a loud mechanical churning
as the huge railing raises to the cave roof
the cage lowers behind you


The lever on the top floor of the Watchtower is used to active a magic shield to protect the town of Yanille from the nearby Ogres.

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Before shield is activated

Screenshot from 2018-07-15 18.38.13

After shield is activated


Not having placed all the Powering crystals:

"You pull the lever
It had no effect"

Having placed all the Powering crystals:

"You pull the lever
The magic forcefield[sic] activates"

Trying to pull the lever after the quest:

"The lever is stuck in the down position"
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