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Nicknames None
Released 10 May 2002 (Update)
Quest item No
Members item Yes
Tradeable Yes
Equipable No
Stackable No
High alch 12gp
Low alch 8gp
Shop price Not sold
Sale price 8gp
Examine It makes picking some locks easier

Lockpicks are items used to picklock doors more easily. They can be obtained from pick-pocketing rogues with level 32 Thieving, or they can be obtained from a spawn located in the Yanille Agility dungeon which requires accessing the room with a pile of rubble leading towards Salarin the Twisted. Accessing this room requires either 57 Agility via the rope obstacle, or 82 Thieving which is accomplished by picking the lock of the door south of the dungeon's rope obstacle, which is accessed by going down the stairs in the building located south of Yanille bank.

Required for

Lockpick is required for four doors and one chest in the game. They are:

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