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Logs are a resource that are obtained in the Woodcut skill by cutting regular trees. Logs are used in the Fletching skill to make arrow shafts, unstrung shortbows, unstrung longbows, and to make fires. Unlike in RuneScape 2, these are the only logs that can be lit for the Firemaking skill.

For every log successfully chopped from a tree, the player will gain 25 Woodcut experience and 0.533% fatigue.

Lighting a log gives the player 2.588% fatigue and Firemaking experience based on the following formula:

Item spawns

Location Number of spawns Number in stack
Rimmington (south house) 2 1
Top floor of the north east tower in Lumbridge Castle 4 1
On the western wall of a house in south east Varrock 2 1
On the top floor of Wizard's Tower near Draynor Village 2 1
On the southern wall of a house in north Draynor Village 2 1


Originally, there were only normal trees in RuneScape, and the experience gained when chopping logs raised with every level you gained. The formula for this experience was .

This was changed when the Fletching skill was released and Jagex added new types of trees. To compensate for these new trees, the experience for chopping regular logs was briefly decreased to 12.5 experience, and then was later changed to 25 experience. Many players — especially free players since Fletching is members only — were upset that reaching a high-level Woodcutting would take a longer period of time. However, Jagex compensated for this by adding chop options to trees ("1-click Woodcutting"), no longer requiring the player to use the axe on the tree.


  • In RSC, a player can only light logs by first dropping them on the ground and then lighting them one at a time (which may fail). In RuneScape 2, the tinderbox can be used on the log in the inventory. After a period of time, a fire will burn out and ashes will appear.
    • Players who attempt to light a fire in RSC by using a tinderbox on a log in their inventory will get the following message:
"I think you should put the logs down before you light them!"