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Nicknames None
Released 4 January 2001 (Update)
Quest item No
Members item No
Tradeable Yes
Equipable Yes
Stackable No
High alch 48gp
Low alch 32gp
Shop price 80gp - Gulluck and Sons
Sale price 20gp - Gulluck and Sons
Examine A Nice sturdy bow

A Longbow is a bow which can be used to train the Ranged skill by players of any Ranged level and it can fire arrows up to Iron.

It can also be made by players with level 10 Fletching by using a knife on a regular log granting 10 Fletching experience, and then using a bowstring on the unstrung longbow for a total of 20 Fletching experience.


Shop Location Stock
Lowe's Archery Store Eastern Varrock 2
Hickton's Archery Store Catherby 2
King Lathas' Weaponary Shop Combat Training Camp 2
Gulluck and Sons Grand Tree 2
West Ardougne General Store West Ardougne 2

Dropping monsters

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Bandit 29 1 3Uncommon
Druid 29 1 3Uncommon
White Knight 56 1 2Common


Bonuses Bows
A player with a Longbow
Aim Power Armour Magic Prayer
0 0 0 0 0

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