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For information on training this skill, see the Magic training article.
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Magic is a skill in RuneScape Classic that allows players to cast spells using runes. Many of the spells can be cast on monsters and other players to inflict damage or decrease stats. Aside from combat spells, the magic spellbook also offers many useful spells such as teleportation, enchantment, and alchemy. When a player successfully casts a spell on an opponent, a blue star represents the spell and is shot toward the enemy. Players with level 66 Magic or higher can access the Magic Guild in Yanille.


There are many spells in the magic spell book. Each spell has a different effect and requires a different combination of runes in order for them to be cast. Upon casting a spell, the player will receive an amount of experience calculated using the formula: $ XP = S \times 2 + 20 $ where S = the level required to cast that spell.

Every spell has the chance to be cast unsuccessfully which will result in the player having to wait 20 seconds before they are able to cast another spell. Failing a spell will not use up the runes in the players inventory and the player will not gain any magic experience. Having a higher magic level and wearing equipment with magic bonuses will reduce the chance of failing a spell, and you tend to stop failing to cast a spell around 10 Magic levels above the magic level requirement of the spell you're currently casting (For example you would stop failing to cast the high level alchemy spell at around 65 Magic). Having a higher magic level won't affect how hard you hit. While casting combat spells, successfully cast spells can still hit the opponent for 0 Hits.

Level Spell name Description Runes required Experience
1 Wind strike A strength 1 missile attack 1 air-rune and 1 mind-rune 22
3 Confuse Reduces your opponent's attack by 5% 3 water-runes, 2 earth-runes and 1 body-rune 26
5 Water strike A strength 2 missile attack 1 water-rune, 1 air-rune and 1 mind-rune 30
7 Enchant lvl-1 amulet For use on sapphire amulets 1 cosmic-rune and 1 water-rune 34
9 Earth strike A strength 3 missile attack 2 earth-runes, 1 air-rune and 1 mind-rune 38
11 Weaken Reduces your opponent's strength by 5% 3 water-runes, 2 earth-runes and 1 body-rune 42
13 Fire strike A strength 4 missile attack 3 fire-runes, 2 air-runes and 1 mind-rune 46
15 Bones to bananas Changes all held bones into bananas! 2 earth-runes, 2 water-runes and 1 nature-rune 50
17 Wind bolt A strength 5 missile attack 2 air-runes and 1 chaos-rune 54
19 Curse Reduces your opponent's Defense by 5% 3 earth-runes, 2 water-runes and 1 body-rune 58
21 Low level alchemy Converts an item into coins 3 fire-runes and 1 nature-rune 62
23 Water bolt A strength 6 missile attack 2 water-runes, 2 air-runes and 1 chaos-rune 66
25 Varrock teleport Teleports you to Varrock 3 air-runes, 1 law-rune and 1 fire-rune 70
27 Enchant lvl-2 amulet For use on emerald amulets 3 air-runes and 1 cosmic-rune 74
29 Earth bolt A strength 7 missile attack 3 earth-runes, 2 air-runes, 1 chaos-rune 78
31 Lumbridge teleport Teleports you to Lumbridge 3 air-runes, 1 earth-rune and 1 law-rune 82
33 Telekinetic grab Take an item you can see but can't reach 1 air-rune and 1 law-rune 86
35 Fire bolt A strength 8 missile attack 4 fire-runes, 3 air-runes and 1 chaos-rune 90
37 Falador teleport Teleports you to Falador 3 air-runes, 1 law-rune, and 1 water-rune 94
39 Crumble undead Hits skeletons, ghosts and zombies hard! 2 earth-runes, 2 air-runes and 1 chaos-rune 98
41 Wind blast A strength 9 missile attack 3 air-runes and 1 death-rune 102
43 Superheat item Smelt 1 ore without a furnace 4 fire-runes and 1 nature-rune 106
45 Camelot teleport Teleports you to Camelot 5 air-runes and 1 law-rune 110
47 Water blast A strength 10 missile attack 3 water-runes, 3 air-runes and 1 death-rune 114
49 Enchant lvl-3 amulet For use on ruby amulets 5 fire-runes and 1 cosmic-rune 118
50 Iban blast A strength 25 missile attack! 5 fire-runes and 1 death-rune
(Staff of Iban required)
51 Ardougne teleport* Teleport to Ardougne 2 water-runes and 2 law-runes 122
53 Earth blast A strength 11 missile attack 4 earth-runes, 3 air-runes and 1 death-rune 126
55 High level alchemy Convert an item into more gold 5 fire-runes and 1 nature-rune 130
56 Charge water orb Needs to be cast on a water obelisk 30 water-runes, 3 cosmic-runes and 1 Glass orb 132
57 Enchant lvl-4 amulet For use on diamond amulets 10 earth-runes and 1 cosmic-rune 134
58 Watchtower teleport** Teleport to the Watchtower 2 earth-runes and 2 law-runes 136
59 Fire blast A strength 12 missile attack 5 fire-runes, 4 air-runes and 1 death-rune 138
60 Charge earth orb Needs to be cast on an earth obelisk 30 earth-runes, 3 cosmic-runes and 1 Glass orb 140
60 Claws of Guthix Summons the power of Guthix 4 air-runes, 1 fire-rune and 2 blood-runes
(Staff of Guthix & Guthix Cape required)
60 Saradomin Strike Summons the power of Saradomin 4 air-runes, 2 fire-rune and 2 blood-runes
(Staff of Saradomin & Saradomin Cape required)
60 Flames of Zamorak Summons the power of Zamorak 1 air-rune, 4 fire-runes and 2 blood-runes
(Staff of Zamorak & Zamorak Cape required)
62 Wind wave A strength 13 missile attack 5 air-runes and 1 blood-rune 144
63 Charge Fire Orb Needs to be cast on a fire obelisk 30 fire-runes, 3 cosmic-runes and 1 Glass orb 146
65 Water wave A Strength 14 missile attack 7 water-runes, 5 air-runes and 1 blood-rune 150
66 Charge air orb Needs to be cast on an air obelisk 30 air-runes, 3 cosmic-runes and 1 Glass orb 152
66 Vulnerability Reduces your opponent's Defense by 10% 5 earth-runes, 5 water-runes and 1 soul-rune 152
68 Enchant lvl-5 amulet For use on dragonstone amulets 15 water-runes, 15 earth-runes and 1 cosmic-rune 156
70 Earth wave A strength 15 missile attack 7 earth-runes, 5 air-runes and 1 blood-rune 160
73 Enfeeble Reduces your opponent's strength by 10% 8 earth-runes, 8 water-runes and 1 soul-rune 166
75 Fire wave A strength 16 missile attack 7 fire-runes, 5 air-runes and 1 blood-rune 170
80 Stun Reduces your opponent's attack by 10% 12 earth-runes, 12 water-runes and 1 soul-rune 180
80 Charge Increase your mage arena spell's damage 3 fire-runes, 3 air-runes and 3 blood-runes 180

* Requires having learnt the spell with the Magic scroll.
** Requires having learnt the spell with the Spell scroll.


Unlike RuneScape 2, armour does not decrease the Magic bonus when equipped, which is the reason it is often worn by mages instead of equipment that raises their Magic bonus.

The following items increase a player's Magic bonus:








Main article: Magic training

Magic is one of the hardest skills to train in RSC due to the lack of runes caused by the absence of the Runecrafting skill. Because of this, runes are high priced and training can be very expensive.

Mage Arena mini-game

This is required to equip the God Staves, God Capes and be able to cast the God Spells.


Item Boost Visibility
Wizard's Mind Bomb +2% + 2 levels Visible



The following quests give Magic experience rewards:

The following quests give additional rewards to Magic:


  • "Bluerose13x" is the first known player to reach level 99 Magic.
  • The Wizard's Mind Bomb temporarily increases Magic level by either 2 or 3 levels (dependent on the player's Magic level) and is not commonly used unless the player wishes to access the Magic Guild, or wishes to cast Magic in PvP situations.
  • There is only 1 spellbook in RSC, unlike RS2 which has 3 spellbooks in total.
  • In RSC, the santa hat provides a Magic bonus of +3, but is purely cosmetic in later editions of the game.
  • Magic used to be split into two skills: GoodMagic and EvilMagic. However, these skills were joined into just "Magic".
    • Players kept the highest of the two magic skills and not the sum of experience.
  • At one point during RSC's development, a set of spells was being created which allow players to summon monsters and would have used the life-rune, which can only be found within the game's data files. It was put on hold upon the release of RS2, and eventually became the Summoning skill.
  • In Devious MUD, the skill was called "Sorcery", which -- like the early days of RSC -- was divided in two but named distinct: Sorcery-Offence and Sorcery-Defence.

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