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Magic Logs are the best logs in RuneScape Classic, and are obtained by cutting down magic trees with level 75 woodcutting, giving 250xp in woodcutting per log. Along with all other logs except regular logs, magic logs were released with the Fletching skill update. Contrary to popular belief, these cannot be burned. They can, however, be fletched, and you will receive 83.3 fletching experience for an Unstrung Magic Shortbow (at level 80 fletching), and 91.5 experience for an Unstrung Magic Longbow (at level 85 fletching).

Magic trees, which are needed to obtain the logs, are found in only a few places around RuneScape Classic including Seers Village and The Tree Gnome Stronghold.


  • Magic logs may be obtained by players who are at least 50 woodcutting: