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*3,5,15 [[Coins]]
*3,5,15 [[Coins]]
*[[Herb]] (When identified, various)
*[[Herb|All unID Herb]]
*7 [[Bronze Arrows]]
*7 [[Bronze Arrows]]
*[[Iron dagger]]
*[[Iron dagger]]

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Released Unknown edit
Combat level 9
Hitpoints 7
Stats (?) Unknown edit
Hits XP (?) 9.5
Experience (?) 28.5
Fatigue (?) 0.38%
Hostility Invalid - must be 1-5.
Pay-to-play Unknown edit
Poisonous No
Max hit 1
Weakness All types
Examine One of runescapes many citizens
A shifty looking man
One of Runescapes many citizens
A well dressed nobleman
One of Runescape's citizens
A thirsty looking man

Men are found all over Gielinor. There are several in and around Lumbridge, where you first start. As such, they are likely to be among the first RuneScape Classic NPCs you encounter, and for many players they are the first monsters that they will kill. Men are commonly trained on by all combat levels. Many players also kill them for the unidentified herbs, which are commonly dropped and are 5K each right now.

They can be pickpocketed at level 1 Thieving. When pickpocketed, they yield 3 coins making them a great source of money for new players.



100% Drops

Other Drops

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