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Herblaw guide

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Herblaw is used to make different sorts of potions and poisons. Before you can use herblaw you will need to do complete the druidic ritual quest.

Identifying herbs

A lot of the herbs you find in the game will be unidentified. To be able to use them you will first need to use your herblaw skill to identify them. Just click on a herb to identify it and if you are high enough level it will then become an identified herb type. As your herblaw level gets higher you will be able to identify more and more different herbs.


Mixing potions

You will need a vial. These can be bought from the herblaw shop in Taverley. Fill the vial with water from a sink or fountain. To make potions you will need a combination of one identified herb and one other ingredient as shown in the table below. You must add your herb to your vial of water first and then the other ingredient. As you reach higher levels you will be able to make more types of potions.

Potion ingrediants

Potion typeLevelHerb needed2nd ingredient
Attack potion3Guam LeafEye of newtEye of Newt
Cure poison potion5MarrentillGround unicorn hornGround unicorn horn
Strength potion12TarrominLimpwurt rootLimpwurt root
Stat restore potion22HarralanderRed spiders eggsRed spider's eggs
Defense potion30Ranarr weedWhite berriesWhite Berries
Restore prayer potion38Ranarr weedSnape grassSnape Grass
Super attack potion45Irit LeafEye of newtEye of newt
Poison antidote48Irit LeafGround unicorn hornGround unicorn horn
Fishing potion50AvantoeSnape grassSnape Grass
Super strength potion55KwuarmLimpwurt rootLimpwurt root
Weapon poison60KwuarmGround blue dragon scaleGround bluedragon scale
Super defense potion66CadantineWhite berriesWhite Berries
Ranging potion72Dwarf weedWine of ZamorakWine of Zamorak

Ground ingrediants

The unicorn and blue dragon scale need to be ground before they can be used in the potions. To grind them use the pestle and mortar bought from the herblaw shop.


Weapon poison

The weapon poison can only be used on arrows and on daggers. Weapon poison will only affect players and not monsters. Players can be poisoned by other player's poisoned weapons or by a poisonous npc.

A player will slowly take damage from the poison until it either wears off or they drink a poison antidote or cure poison potion. The poison antidote also grants a small immunity so that the drinker cannot be poisoned for a short while. The cure poison potion does not grant this immunity.

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