Max hit

RuneScape 3 icon.png Old School RuneScape icon.png The max hit is a term used to describe the highest amount of damage that can be inflicted in a single hitsplat by the player. The higher your Strength level and WeaponPower is, the higher your maximum hit will be. Boosting with Potions, good equipment bonuses, and prayers further increases the max hit possible. You can test your max hit on a player with no extra Defense bonuses, such as a Duel with another player. It helps if the other player has no Defense bonuses (no items equipped) and a low Defense level, which will increase your chances of seeing your max hit.

Using the table below, your max hit can be calculated with the following formula: Failed to parse (syntax error): {\displaystyle ceil(\\(((1.0 + PotionMulti + PrayerMulti) \times StrengthLevel) + (StyleConstant + PotionConstant))\\ \times ((WeaponPower \times 0.00175) + 0.1)\\) }

The max hit formula is a bonus multiplier applied against your strength level, with constants added to it. Your WeaponPower is mulplied by a scalar constant and 0.1 is added to prevent errors when WeaponPower is 0. These two calculations are then multiplied together and the resulting decimal point is ceilinged. This is to provide a ramp where better weapons have a 1-2 damage increase on the metal requirement per weapon, prayer bonuses, and potion bonuses.

Condition Level Constant Level Multiplier
Strength Potion 3 0.10
Super Strength Potion 5 0.15
Burst of Strength 0 0.05
Superhuman Strength 0 0.10
Ultimate Strength 0 0.15
Combat Style
Aggressive 3 0.0
Controlled 1 0.0
Accurate 0 0.0
Defensive 0 0.0

In RuneScape Classic, a player with the maximum Strength level of 99 and having the best possible weapon power of 88 will hit a maximum of 35.

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