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Inside the Mining Guild.

The Mining Guild is a guild that is dedicated to the skill mining. Players will need to have a mining level of 60 (or level 59 whilst using a Dwarven stout) to enter. The guild contains Mithril and Coal rocks and is the fastest location for players to mine Coal. The guild can be reached from either Dwarven Mine or Falador.

Mining rocks

Image Rock Quantity
Clay rock.png Clay {{{clay}}}
Copper rock.png Copper {{{copper}}}
Tin rock.png Tin {{{tin}}}
Blurite rock.png Blurite {{{blurite}}}
Iron rock.png Iron {{{iron}}}
Silver rock.png Silver {{{silver}}}
Coal rock.png Coal 20
Gold rock.png Gold {{{gold}}}
Gem rock.png Gem {{{gem}}}
Mithril rock.png Mithril 3
Adamantite rock.png Adamantite {{{adamantite}}}
Runite rock.png Runite {{{runite}}}
Empty rock.png Empty {{{empty}}}

A map showing the location of the rocks is shown below.

Mining Guild map (showing points of interest).

Aggressive monsters

  • None


  • Dwarf outside the northern entrance

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