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A player standing in the courtyard of the Monastery

A map of the Monastery

The Monastery is a guild dedicated to the Prayer skill that is located east of Ice Mountain and west of Edgeville. The monastery is built of stone and many stained glass windows, consists of two floors and is a very holy place, home to many monks.

The monastery proves very useful to players training on monks as they can quickly be healed by speaking to Abbot Langley. It is also a popular place to visit from PKers as it is located close to the Wilderness and they are easily able to restore their Hits and prayer points.

Ground floor

The ground floor of the monastery is accessible to all players and has no requirements. There are 6 monks on the ground floor, not including Abbot Langley, who can restore players hits by talking to him, as well as grant entry to the upper level of the monastery.

The altar is located on the western side of the building. There are 3 fountains in the center courtyard and a cabbage patch of 12 crops to the northeast.


Upper floor, Prayer Guild

Accessed by a ladder on the eastern ground floor, the upper floor of the monastery is only accessible to players who have at least level 31 Prayer. When first asking to join, the player must also have at least 31 prayer points remaining. Attempting to climb the ladder will initiate a dialogue with Abbot Langley if you have not yet joined the monks order. On the upper floor, there is an altar which players can use to restore their prayer points. This altar is unique because it restores the players prayer points but also gives a +2 prayer point bonus when recharging on it. The upper floor also has a spawn of monk's robes.

During the Scorpion Catcher quest, the Kharid Scorpion here must be captured in a Scorpion Cage and returned to Thormac with the other Kharid Scorpions in order to finish the quest.

Blessing Holy Symbols

Brother Jered can convert Unblessed Holy Symbols into Holy Symbols of Saradomin, which gives them a +8 Prayer equipment bonus. This slows the drain rate of all prayers when worn.



Monastery with only a ground floor

  • Although the monastery was released on 6 April 2001 it was not until 12 July 2001 that a 1st floor was added, and only players with at least 31 prayer could access.

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