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Quest details

Name: Monk's Friend
Release date: 28 May 2002 (Update)
Pay-to-play: Yes
Start: Brother Omad
Length: Very short
Requirements: None
Items needed: Logs (Or any type of axe to gather logs)

Bucket of water (a bucket and water source are found during the quest)

Monsters to defeat: None
Recommended: Unknown edit

Quest Start

Quest Start Location

Talk to Brother Omad in the Monastery south of East Ardougne. He will ask you to find Brother Androe's son's stolen blanket. It is in the southernmost part of Ardougne sewers containing level 21 thieves and a level 34 Head Thief.

Thieves Sewer

Thieves Sewer Location

The dungeon is just west of the monastery - the entrance is a ladder on the edge of a ring of iron rocks. Enter the dungeon, get the blanket (it looks like a light blue piece of silk) and head back to the monastery. Talk to Brother Omad again to finish the first part of the quest.

Brother Cedric

Brother Cedric Location

Talk to Brother Omad again. He will tell you that he's organizing a party for Brother Androe's son's first birthday. He needs wine for the party, but Brother Cedric, who was meant to bring it, hasn't returned yet. Offer to look for him. You will find him northwest of the monastery, just north of where the dungeon is. Talk to him. He is drunk and needs water to sober up before he can bring the wine.

Pick up the bucket beside Brother Cedric and use it on the well, directly east of the bridge, to fill it with water. Speak to Cedric, then use the water on him to sober him up. He will now say that he needs wood to fix the broken cart. You need to get logs, then give them to him. He will then fix the cart and tell you to go back to Brother Omad.

Finishing Up

Monk's friend end.png

Head back to Brother Omad and speak to him one last time to complete the quest and receive your reward.


Woodcutting level Experience reward
1 250
10 1,375
20 2,625
30 3,875
40 5,125
50 6,375
60 7,625
70 8,875
80 10,125
90 11,375
99 12,500