Monster is the official term for an attackable non-player character and are found all over RuneScape Classic. Monsters can be attacked using melee, ranged or magic attacks and are often fought for training, entertainment and loot. When a player defeats a monster, they will gain experience in the type of attack style that they used in the battle. Most monsters will usually drop a number of items on the ground when killed and will always include bones except for a few monsters.

Each monster has a combat level that tells the player how strong it is. A higher combat generally indicates that the monster has more hitpoints, higher damage dealt, higher defence and is more often to hit. When some monsters are very low hitpoints, they will retreat and the player will not gain any experience unless they kill it.

While some monsters will never begin a fight with a player, many high level creatures are aggressive, potentially causing unwanted death. If a player has over double the combat level of the monster, the monster will be docile, and will only attack when provoked. However, in areas such as the Wilderness, most monsters are indefinitely aggressive.

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