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For the Ranged weapon, see Dwarf cannon (item).

Repairing the multicannon.
Examine: fires metal balls

The multicannon is a piece of scenery used during the Dwarf Cannon quest. The quest involves repairing the multicannon in a shed near the Coal Trucks in order to ward off nearby goblins.

The dwarf commander gives the player a tool kit to fix the cannon's pipe, barrel, axle, and shaft. Although no specific skill levels are required, having around levels 74 Crafting and/or 67 Smithing make it possible to fix each of the cannon's components in one attempt. It is unknown which of the two skills is of benefit, however repairing each component yields 1.25 Crafting experience.

After completing the quest, access to the shed where the multicannon is stored is locked. As a reward for the quest, the player can purchase their own version known as a dwarf cannon, and used for Ranged combat.


  • Shed at the dwarven encampment south of the Coal Trucks (1 cannon)
  • Fenced area at the dwarven encampment on the south ridge of Ice Mountain (2 cannons)