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A Necklace is an item that is made through the crafting skill. Unlike RuneScape 2, necklaces are unenchantable in RuneScape Classic and thus serve only a cosmetic purpose. The NPC, Grum in Port Sarim, buys necklaces from players. Necklaces are made by using a gold bar, a necklace mould, and optionally a cut gem, at a furnace.

Types of necklaces

Necklaces come in six different types, all with no purpose other than cosmetic.

Image Ring Crafting level Crafting experience
Gold necklace.png Gold necklace 6 20
Sapphire necklace.png Sapphire necklace 10 55
Emerald necklace.png Emerald necklace 24 60
Ruby necklace.png Ruby necklace 40 75
Diamond necklace.png Diamond necklace 56 90
Dragonstone necklace.png Dragonstone necklace 72 105