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A player talking to Bob.

A Non-player character (or NPC) is an avatar within RuneScape Classic that is not controlled by other players, but instead by the game engine. Players can communicate with most NPCs in the game by choosing the Talk option when right-clicking. NPCs are usually involved in activities such as quests and banking or selling items at shops. NPCs which are attackable are considered monsters.

Differences from RuneScape 2

Unlike in the current version of RuneScape, NPCs in RSC can only talk to one player at a time. This can make activities such as banking and quests particularly difficult in crowded areas.

NPCs in RSC do not have their own interface when talking, like in the newer editions. Instead, text appears in the normal chat window and players can respond to NPCs by clicking on text options in the top-left corner of the game screen.


  • Due to NPCs only being able to talk to one player at a time, quests were very difficult to complete on their release day in RSC.
  • According to Jagex, Hans is the first ever NPC created for the game.[source needed]

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