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Ogre trader General Store
Trader metal welcome.png

Released 7 May 2003 (Update)
Location Gu'tanoth
Owner Ogre trader
Type of shop General Store
Members-only? Yes
Quests needed? Watchtower
Skills needed? See quest requirements

The location of the General store is marked on the map.

The Ogre trader General Store is a special general store located in Gu'tanoth. It is ran by the NPC Ogre trader. This General Store is unique in that players can only sell items that are being sold.


Buying and selling items Close window
Shop stock in green Number you own in blue Your money: 0gp
3 0Pot.png 2 0Jug.png 2 0Knife.png 2 0Bucket.png 2 0Tinderbox.png 2 0Chisel.png 5 0Hammer.png 10 0Sleeping Bag.png
Select an object to buy or sell
Image Item Stock
Pot.png pot 3
Jug.png jug 2
Knife.png Knife 2
Bucket.png Bucket 2
Tinderbox.png tinderbox 2
Chisel.png chisel 2
Hammer.png hammer 5
Sleeping Bag.png Sleeping Bag 10

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